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The R.M. still offers a bounty on beavers but before trapping you must receive approval from your councilor. There is a grant available to the R.M. to help compensate for this but it can only be claimed on beavers trapped by someone with a valid trappers license and therefore there are two bounty amounts.

Bounty with Trappers License - $50.00 per beaver

Bounty without License - $25.00 per beaver

In order to claim the bounty please contact your council member to ask for approval to trap in problem areas. If approval is given, once your done trapping you will need to have the tails counted by the councilor and a claim form completed. If you have a valid trappers license a copy of it will need to be provided to the R.M. office. 



The R.M.'s pest control officer is Ray Charles. Ray visits both occupied and vacant farm yards during the spring to fall months and does inspections and delivers bait. Bait is provided free of charge to ratepayers and is also available at the RM office. 

If you need to contact the pest control officer please contact the RM office



The R.M. has two weed inspectors - Robert Dodd and Jesse Mullie. The RM has invested a lot of money and time trying to control noxious weeds throughout the RM with an intensive monitoring and spraying program.


If you know of problem areas in the RM please contact the office. More information and pictures of noxious weeds can be found here



The PMRA has cancelled the approved use of strychnine to control the Richardson Ground Squirrel. The timeline for this phase out  is March 2021 was the last date of manufacturing, March 2022 was the last date for purchase and March 2023 will be the last date for use.

For those looking for a substitute Rozol RTU is a pre-mixed product that is available. Click here for more information. 

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