What Is The Difference Between a Development Permit and a Building Permit?

Development Permit - This is a permit required under the R.M.'s Zoning Bylaw. A development permit outlines what uses are allowed on a site and how those uses fit within the requirements of zoning regulations. Acquiring a development permit is the first step for all projects that alter or affect your property. 

Building Permit - This is a permit required under the R.M.'s Building Bylaw and mandated by the National Building Code of Canada. A building permit ensures that all new buildings, alterations to existing buildings, changes to building use, and building demolitions meet national safety standards. 

Development Permit

Many types of development will require a development permit. Farm buildings are exempt (but need to meet setback requirements). Any additions or new construction of residences or commercial buildings, as well as home based businesses, will require a permit.


There is no cost for a permitted use development permit (most common type). The cost of a discretionary use permit is $50.00. The development permit checks to ensure your development is in compliance with the R.M.'s zoning bylaw and the development cannot take place until the permit is approved.


Click the PDF links below to download a copy of the permit application. 

Building Permit

Building permits are required for the construction of most types of new buildings, and additions or major alterations to existing buildings, including commercial buildings and residences. The only type of buildings exempt from a building permit are farm buildings


The permit fee is $50.00 plus the building official inspection fees which are based on the

value of construction (VOC):

  • VOC/$1,000 x $3.55 = Inspection Fees ($200 minimum)

  • VOC is determined by the owner unless it is unreasonable then the building official will use a spreadsheet with industry rates to determine the value

  • Construction cannot take place until the permit is approved and the fees are paid


Click the PDF links below to download a copy of the permit application.