Current Council 

RM Div Map.jpg

The R.M. has six divisions and thus six councillors, as well as a Reeve. Each councillor is directly responsible for concerns in their division but they are also responsible for making decisions that are in the best interest of the entire municipality. Councilors are elected to four year terms with alternate division elections every two years. 


Bill MacPherson - (306)532-4818

Division 1 Councillor

Marlin Stutt - (306)435-6104

Division 2 Councillor

Joey Hanson - (306)421-6950

Division 3 Councillor

Barry Clark - (306)435-7439

Division 4 Councillor

Robert Dodd - (306)435-7573

Division 5 Councillor

Brooke Mercer - (306)735-2645

Division 6 Councillor

Aaron Jorgensen - (306)735-8122