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Custom Work

The R.M. may be available to hire for custom work for ratepayers when not busy with R.M. projects.

The following are the current custom work rates as of January 1st, 2024:

TS14 buggie - $200/hr

D6R CAT - $220/hr

Grader - $150/hr

Mower - $120/hr

Gravel Truck - $140/hr

Loader - $150/hr

Mobilization - $100 flat fee

Examples of common custom work are bush pushing, constructing lanes or building pads, digging dugouts, snow removal etc. 


For snow removal a waiver must first be singed. Once you have contacted the office to be added to the snow removal list, and signed the waiver, the best way to let the grader operators know when you need your lane plowed is by putting an orange flag at the end of your lane. Invoices for snow removal are just sent out once in the spring. 

To inquire about custom work or snow removal please contact the R.M. office

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