Civic Addressing

You may have heard about civic addressing or are starting to see little blue signs in neighbouring R.M.'s. Civic Addressing is a province-wide standardized system of identifying and locating properties, by establishing unique access point locations and can be used to assist emergency responders. 

The R.M. has been working on this project for a couple years now. One of the early steps was to review all of the road names in the R.M., assign new names to roads that don't follow the Range road and Township road system and then have everything approved by the Ministry of Highways. That approval took just over a year.

The next step was for the Administrator to verify, delete and modify addresses based on a list that was generated for the R.M. As of March 2021 all of the R.M. of Silverwood Civic Addresses have been reviewed and approved. You will now find your civic address printed on your assessment and tax notices - it appears to the right of your LLD and is bolded. 

No decision has been made on signage at this time and Council will continue to discuss options and look at costs. If you have any input on how the signage should be handled please contact your concillor. 

civic address sign with grey.jpg

The numbers can be confusing to understand but they refer to the Township and Range Road system (in most cases unless you live on a named road) as well as assigned lot numbers.

In this example the civic address is 32242 Range Road 3264 - this means the Township road to the south of you is 322, the 42 is a lot number based on how far your yard entrance is from the quarter line and Range Road 3264 is the road you access your driveway from.